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Advances in Probability: Integrability, Universality and Beyond

Sunday, September 28

13:00                  Registration
13:30-14:30   Alice Guionnet, Free analysis and random matrix theory
14:30-14:45   Short break
14:45-15:45   Ashkan Nikeghbali, The circular unitary ensemble: microscopic scale, ratios and the Riemann zeta function
15:45-16:30   Tea break
16:30-17:30   Gérard Ben Arous

Monday, September 29

9:15-10:15      Alexei Borodin, Gaussian Free Field in beta ensembles and random surfaces
10:15-11:00   Tea Break
11:00-12:00   Jeremy Quastel, The Karder-Parisi-Zhang equation and its universality class
12:00-13:30   Lunch
13:30-14:30   Neil O'Connell, Geometric RSK, Whittaker functions and random polymers
14:30-14:45   Short break
14:45-15:45   Craig Tracy, Susceptibility of the two-dimensional Ising model
15:45-16:30   Tea break
16:30-17:30   Geoffrey Grimmett, Self-avoiding walks on transitive graphs

Tuesday, September 30

9:15-10:15      Jason Miller, Liouville quantum gravity as a mating of trees
10:15-11:00   Tea Break
11:00-12:00   Gregory Miermont, Brownian surfaces
12:00-13:30   Lunch
13:30-14:30   Nathanael Berestycki, Liouville Brownian motion
14:30-14:45   Short break
14:45-15:45   Vincent Vargas, Some new estimates on the Liouville heat kernel
15:45-16:30   Tea break
16:30-17:30   Yuval Peres, Random walks on groups and the Kaimanovich-Vershik 1983 conjecture

Wednesday, October 1 - Clay Research Conference

9:30-10:30         Jonathan PilaThe Schanuel paradigm
10:30-11:00      Tea break
11:00-12:00      Scott SheffieldChinese dragons and mating trees
12:00-14:00      Lunch
14:00-15:00      Paul Seidel, Steenrod squares and symplectic fixed points
15:00-15:30      Tea break
15:30-16:30      Ben Green, Higher-order Fourier analysis and applications
16:30-17:00      Presentation of the Clay Research Awards
17:00-18:30      Reception

Thursday, October 2

9:15-10:15      Ofer Zeitouni, Maxima of the two-dimensional Gaussian Free Field and relatives
10:15-11:00   Tea Break
11:00-12:00   Fabio Toninelli, Height fluctuations in interacting dimers
12:00-13:30   Lunch
13:30-14:30   Christina Goldschmidt, A line-breaking construction of the stable trees
14:30-14:45   Short break
14:45-15:45   Amir Dembo, Universal asymptotic for certain particle systems
15:45-16:30   Tea break