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Asymptotic Invariants of Groups Schedule


Monday 13 April

9:00        Registration
9:30        Mark Sapir, On the Jones' subgroup of R. Thompson's group F
10:30     Gabor Elek, Infinite dimensional modular representations of finite groups via Sylvester rank functions
11:30     Coffee/Tea
12:00     Andreas Thom, Approximation of Betti numbers for totally disconnected groups
13:00     Lunch
14:30     Jesse Peterson, Connes' character rigidity conjecture for lattices in higher rank groups
15:30     Coffee/Tea
16:00     Wolfgang Lück, Universal torsion, L2-invariants, polytopes and the Thurston norm
17:00     Gili GolanTarski number of group actions 
18:00     Welcome reception in Common Room

Tuesday 14 April

9:30        Denis Osin, Acylindrical hyperbolicity and groups with posittive first L^2-Betti number
10:30     Nir Avni, Counting representations of arithmetic groups
11:30     Coffee/Tea
12:00     Miklos Abert, A spectral strong approximation theorem for measure preserving actions
13:00     Lunch
14:30     Yair Glasner, Invariant random subgroups in linear groups
15:30     Coffee/Tea
16:00     Ian Biringer, Invariant measures on the space of all Riemannian manifolds
17:00     Elisabeth FinkMorse geodesics in lacunary hyperbolic groups
17:20     Henry Bradford, Expansion, random walks and sieving in SL2(Fp[t])
17:40     François Le MaîtreSmall index property for groups acting on trees

Wednesday 15 April

9:30        Goulnara Arzhantseva, Expanders, small cancellation labellings, and inifinite monster groups
10:30     Balint Virag, Dyson's spike and spectral measure of groups
11:30     Coffee/Tea
12:00     Martin Kassabov, Intersection growth and zeta functions for nilpotent groups
13:00     Lunch

Thursday 16 April

9:30        Alex Lubotzky, Isoperimetric inequalities for Ramanujan complexes and topological expanders
10:30     Mikhail Ershov, Tarski numbers of groups
11:30     Coffee/Tea
12:00     Yiftach Barnea, Old and new results on subgroup growth in pro-p groups
13:00     Lunch
14:30     Andrei Jaikin-Zapirain, Approximation by subgroups of finite index and the Hanna Neumann conjecture
15:30     Coffee/Tea
16:00     Tsachik Gelander, Counting hyperbolic manifolds (up to commensurability)
17:00     Urban Jezernik, Rationality of commutators in modular group rings
17:20     Nicolas Radu, A compact space of isomorphism classes of simple locally compact automorphism groups of trees
17:40     Daniel Franz, Quantifying the residual finiteness of linear groups

Friday 17 April

9:30        Dessislava Kochloukova, Volume gradients and homology in towers of residually-free groups
10:30     Coffee/Tea
11:00     Pierre-Emmanuel Caprace, Locally {linear compact} groups
12:00     Lunch