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Folios 157-158: AAL to ADM

[157r] East Horsely Park



Dear Mr De Morgan

In consequence of
yr kind reply to my
former note, Lord L
think I had better
send you the paper,
(which has been put
into type, tho' not

Should you be at
leisure & disposed to
look at it, you will
at once see how much
[157v] stuff there is in it, &
of what a solid quality.

Some few corrections
are wanting, before it
finally goes to proofs.

There is also one
single sentence, (I
think in page 22,
about Irish Priests &
, which must
be altered or cut out,
for a Roman Catholic

Much of the Paper, tho'
on so dry a subject, is
amusing enough. If you
[158r] look at it, & should
discover my inaccuracies
or anything which might
be made clearer, pray
be kind enough to men=
=tion it.

I will not now detain
you further.
Believe me

 very faithfully yrs 

 A. A. Lovelace

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Bodleian Library, Oxford, UK


Dep. Lovelace Byron

Box 170