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Folios 159-160: AAL to ADM

[159r] 10. St James' Sqre

 Tuesdy Morning

 \(\frac{1}{2}\) past 12 o'clock

 Dear Mr De Morgan.  I
am most particularly vexed
& annoyed at finding
that you have just been
here, & are gone without
['my' inserted]} seeing you.  Owing to
the message received by
the carriage the other
day, I had reserved
this morning particularly
[159v] for our affairs, & I
cannot but think that
either my footman must
have blundered the
matter & sent you away,
or that there has been
some misunderstanding or
other. Your time is
so valuable that it is
without measure vexatious
you should have come all
the way here for nothing,
& when I was especially
waiting for you too.
[160r] Now it does so happen
quite by chance that I
have this evening at
liberty. May I come
to Gower St between eight
& nine therefore, & so
repair the mistake of
this morning?  I am
quite in a fuss about
my mathematics, for I
am in much want of a
little lift at this
moment; & you know
how I have my progress
[160v] at heart.
I write in a great
hurry; & I only hope
that such a contrariety
will never happen again.

You must forgive my
writing in such a fuss;
but I cannot imagine
how the thing has happened.
Believe me

 Yours very truly

 A. A. Lovelace

About this document

Date of authorship: 

Jun 1841

Holding institution: 

Bodleian Library, Oxford, UK


Dep. Lovelace Byron

Box 170