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Extremal and Probabilistic Combinatorics

Monday, June 2, L3

9:00                       Registration
9:30-10:10        Nathan Linial, Local combinatorics
10:10-10:50    Peter Allen, Tight cycles and regular slices in dense hypergraphs
10:50-11:20     Coffee
11:20-12:00     Daniel Kráľ, Structure of finitely forcible graphons
12:00-2:00        Lunch
2:00-2:40           Yufei Zhao, Large deviations in random graphs: revisiting the infamous upper tail
2:40-3:20           Anita Liebenau, What is Ramsey-equivalent to the clique?
3:20-3:50           Coffee    
3:50-4:30           Eoin Long, Frankl-Rödl type theorems for codes and permutations
5:00-6:00           Welcome reception, Common Room

Tuesday, June 3, L3 

9:30-10:10        Choongbum Lee, Solution to the Erdös-Gyárfás conjecture on generalized Ramsey numbers
10:10-10:50    Peter Keevash, The existence of designs
10:50-11:20     Coffee
11:20-12:00     Julia Böttcher, An approximate version of the Tree Packing Conjecture
12:00                    Lunch    

Wednesday, June 4, L3

9:30-10:10        Oliver Riordan, Counting connected hypergraphs via the probabilistic method
10:10-10:50     Daniela Kuhn, Robustly expanding graphs and their applications
10:50-11:20     Coffee
11:20-12:00     Oleg Pikhurko, Measurable equidecompositions via combinatorics and group theory
12:00-2:00        Lunch
2:00-2:40        Wojciech Samotij, The structure of a random metric space
2:40-3:20           Asaf ShapiraA hierarchy of unavoidable tournaments
3:20-3:50           Coffee    
3:50-4:30           Dan Hefetz, Saturation games

Thursday, June 5, L2
One-Day Meeting in Combinatorics

10:30-11:00     Coffee
11:00-11:55     Rob Morris, Counting sparse H-free graphs
11:55-12:50     Angelika Steger, Ramsey theorems for random structures
12:50-2:15        Lunch
2:15-3:10          Jacob Fox, Combinatorics of permutations
3:10-4:05          Jeff Kahn, A little more on “sparse random”
4:05-4:30          Coffee
4:30-5:25          Gil Kalai, Influence, thresholds, and noise sensitivity

Friday, June 6, L3

9:30-10:10         Deryk Osthus, Proof of two conjectures of Thomassen on tournaments
10:10-10:50     David Ellis, The structure of graphs which are locally lattice-like
10:50-11:20       Coffee
11:20-12:00       Po-Shen Loh, Hamiltonian increasing paths in random edge orderings