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Functional Transcendence around Ax-Schanuel

Monday, September 29

9:00                        Registration
9:30-10:30         Angus Macintyre, Comparing, and trying to distinguish, the complex and Zilber exponentials
10:30-11:00      Tea break
11:00-12:00      Bruno Klingler, The hyperbolic Ax-Lindemann-Weierstrass conjecture
12:00-13:00      Boris Zilber
13:00-14:30       Lunch
14:30-15:30       Ngaiming Mok, Asymptotics of Kähler metrics and hyperbolic Ax-Lindemann for arbitrary lattices
15:30-16:00       Tea break
16:00-17:00       Sai Kee Yeung, Some arithmetic and geometric problems in complex ball quotients

Tuesday, September 30

9:30-10:30         Jonathan Kirby, Local interdefinability and Ax-Schanuel
10:30-11:00      Tea break
11:00-11:30      Laura Capuano, On a Bombieri-Masser-Zannier theorem
11:30-12:00      Christopher Daw, Degrees of strongly special subvarieties and the Andre-Oort conjecture
12:00-13:00      Michael Singer, Functional transcendence via groups and Galois theories
13:00-14:30       Lunch
14:30-15:30       David Masser, Relative Manin-Mumford and integration in elementary terms
15:30-16:00       Tea break
16:00-17:00       Umberto Zannier, Unlikely intersections and Pellian polynomials
17:00-17:30       Harry SchmidtRelative Manin-Mumford in additive extensions

Wednesday, October 1 - Clay Research Conference

9:30-10:30         Jonathan PilaThe Schanuel paradigm
10:30-11:00      Tea break
11:00-12:00      Scott SheffieldChinese dragons and mating trees
12:00-14:00      Lunch
14:00-15:00      Paul Seidel, Steenrod squares and symplectic fixed points
15:00-15:30      Tea break
15:30-16:30      Ben Green, Higher-order Fourier analysis and applications
16:30-17:00      Presentation of the Clay Research Awards
17:00-18:30      Reception

Thursday, October 2

9:30-10:30         Daniel Bertrand, Exponential and logarithmic Ax on semiabelian schemes
10:30-11:00      Tea break
11:00-12:00      Bruno Klingler, Definability of the uniformizing map for Shimura varieties
12:00-13:00      Emmanuel Ullmo, Algebraic flows on abelian varieties and Shimura varieties
13:00-14:30      Lunch
14:30-15:00      Adam Harris, Towards a pseudo j-function
15:00-15:30     Martin Orr, Heights of pre-special points on Shimura varieties
15:30-16:00      Tea break
16:00-17:00      Piotr Kowalski, Positive characteristic version of Ax's theorem

Friday, October 3

9:30-10:30         Anand Pillay, On functional Mordell-Lang in characteristic p
10:30-11:00      Tea break
11:00-12:00      Philipp Habegger, Curves of genus 2 with bad reduction and complex multiplication
12:00-13:00      Alexandru Buium, Transcendental numbers as solutions to arithmetic differential equations
13:00-14:30       Lunch