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Symplectic Topology

Monday, September 29

9:15-9:45           Registration
9:45-10:45        Yasha Eliashberg, Symplectic topology of the polynomial and rational convexity
10:45-11:15    Tea break
11:15-12:15     Nick Sheridan, The Fukaya category of a Fano hypersurface in projective space
12:15-14:15     Lunch
14:15-15:15     Vincent Colin, Higher-dimensional Heegaard Floer homology
15:15-15:45     Tea break
15:45-16:45     Michael Hutchings, Beyond ECH capacities

Tuesday, September 30

9:45-10:45       Paul Biran, Lagrangian cobordisms and Lefschetz fibrations
10:45-11:15     Tea break
11:15-12:15     Mark McLean, The Lefschetz hyperplane theorem is mostly wrong
12:15-14:15     Lunch
14:15-15:15     Leonid Polterovich, Autonomous flows and Hofer's geometry
15:15-15:45     Tea break
15:45-16:45     Kenji Fukaya, Borderline case(s) in applying virtual technique to pseudo-holomorphic curves

Wednesday, October 1 - Clay Research Conference

9:30-10:30         Jonathan PilaThe Schanuel paradigm
10:30-11:00      Tea break
11:00-12:00      Scott SheffieldChinese dragons and mating trees
12:00-14:00      Lunch
14:00-15:00      Paul Seidel, Steenrod squares and symplectic fixed points
15:00-15:30      Tea break
15:30-16:30      Ben Green, Higher-order Fourier analysis and applications
16:30-17:00      Presentation of the Clay Research Awards
17:00-18:30      Reception

Thursday, October 2

9:45-10:45        Dusa McDuff, Constructing the Virtual Moduli Cycle using Kuranishi atlases
10:45-11:15     Tea break
11:15-12:15     Denis Auroux, A plethora of Lagrangian tori
12:15-14:15     Lunch
14:15-15:15     Helmut Hofer, Construction of moduli spaces in symplectic geometry
15:15-15:45     Tea break
15:45-16:45     Tim Perutz, The open-closed string map and homological mirror symmetry

Friday, October 3

9:45-10:45       Paul Seidel, Lefschetz pencils and noncommutative geometry
10:45-11:15     Tea break
11:15-12:15     Emmy Murphy, Existence of overtwisted contact structures on high dimensional manifolds
12:15-14:15     Lunch
14:15-15:15     Mohammed Abouzaid, The family Floer functor is faithful
15:15-15:45     Tea break
15:45-16:45     Tobias Ekholm, Knot contact homology, Chern-Simons theory, and topological strings